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A Great Story, A Qualified Employee

The matchmaking of finding qualified students for our members and the desire to find a job in the independent funeral profession by qualified candidates is a relatively new opportunity being developed by the Selected Educational Trust in conjunction with mortuary science programs throughout the country. Second Career Scholarship winner James (Kevin) Veal is our first direct success story, but we hope to see many, many more in the coming months and years as the program becomes more clearly defined and more opportunities are developed to match our members needs with the various schools. The Selected Educational Trust reached out to Selected members in Arizona and surrounding states to let them know that a qualified student was to graduate in the coming months. Bunker Family Funeral Home in Mesa, Arizona reached out to Kevin to fill an opening, and in less than a month he was working part-time at Bunker while finishing his degree. A match made in heaven.

James (Kevin) Veal
2016 Second Career Scholarship Winner