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Other Funding Activities

The Educational Trust has funded various education programs and initiatives offered through Selected Independent Funeral Homes for both members of the association and non-members. As we look to expand our funding activities, we invite you to submit ideas on studies, awards, or other programs that would be a benefit to the independent funeral home profession.

The 2010 FAMIC Study

The Educational Trust contributed toward the funding for the 2010 Edition of the FAMIC Study. FAMIC stands for the Funeral and Memorial Information Council which is comprised of nine leading associations representing various interests in the funeral profession. The FAMIC Study is conducted every five years and focuses on consumer attitudes toward all aspects of funerals and memorialization. The study is an extensive undertaking requiring the professional services of Wirthlin Worldwide, a research firm, to contact and obtain feedback from 2,000 consumers.

Several member associations of FAMIC split the total cost of the study based on their annual revenues, with the Educational Trust contributing $10,000. This funding from the Educational Trust was used to pay the appropriate share of expenses due from Selected Independent Funeral Homes.

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