Research & Learning

The Selected Educational Trust will continue to fund lifelong learning opportunities for all who work in or desire to work in independent funeral service. The Board continues to explore ideas, including research, awards, and other programs that would benefit the profession. Suggestions are always welcome, and funding opportunities exist for those who desire to
fund specific activities.

2016 Financial Webinar Series

The Financial Webinar Series held in 2016 was a three-part series of webinars aimed at bringing financial management tips and techniques to Independent Funeral Homes.

Presenter Info

Tim Bridgers joined Live Oak Bank in 2014 with over ten years of valuable business and entrepreneurial experience. Tim studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Business at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and completed his Finance degree at Liberty University. This diverse education prepared Bridgers for success in sales, marketing, and management. Tim is a former business owner and developer of two successful companies, and understands the challenges business owners face. He is dedicated to assisting small business owners in the Funeral industry become and remain successful.

If you missed parts 2 or 3, you can still watch the webinar. Registration is free.

Part 2: Improve Your Cash Flow by Managing Receivables, Expenses & Debt

Watch Webinar Now (registration is free).

Learn three practical ways to better manage your cash flow during the second webinar in the Live Oak Bank’s 3-part series of financial tips for independent funeral home owners and employees, exclusively offered through the Selected Educational Trust.

Part 3: Vital Signs: Is Your Funeral Business Healthy?

Watch Webinar Now (Registration is Free)

Your doctor or hospital relies on a few simple tests to get a pretty clear picture of your overall health – your vital signs. The same is true for funeral homes.

Based on its work with hundreds of firms across the US, Live Oak Bank starts with a few key metrics to gauge the health of your business. Tim Bridgers, loan officer specializing in the funeral business, will look at those vital signs and how they’re used to guide capital investment and lending decisions. He will also offer prescriptions that business owners can use to improve their numbers and build the value of their businesses.


In 2014 and 2015, the Educational Trust provided $20,000 to help support “The Talk of a Lifetime,” a guide to help families have meaningful conversations with their loved ones about life and the things that matter most. Selected members are providing information and literature to help facilitate “The Talk” through the joint efforts of FAMIC members, the leading associations in the death-care profession. Visit the Talk of a Lifetime website.

Funding the FAMIC Study

The Educational Trust provided over $10,000 on behalf of the association to help fund the most recent FAMIC Study. FAMIC stands for the Funeral and Memorialization Information Council and is comprised of the leading associations in the death-care profession. The FAMIC Study measures consumer attitudes toward the entire funeral profession and is an important source of information for all practitioners. This study is costly since nearly 2000 consumers participate in in-depth interviews to gain unbiased feedback.