Second-Career Scholarship

Second Career StudentThe Selected Independent Funeral Homes’ Educational Trust’s Second-Career Scholarship Program is designed exclusively for individuals who aspire to work as a funeral director as a second (or third or more!) career, a role that is traditionally filled by professionals whose families have owned and operated funeral firms for decades. Each scholarship is worth $1,500, with up to four scholarships awarded by the Trust each year; two in December and two in June. Applications will be reviewed by the Educational Trust Board and voted on, with a majority approval vote required.

Funded by Donations

These scholarships are funded by donations and mean a lot to the students. This unsolicited thank you note shows how we are making the difference every year, thanks to our generous gifters: “Thank you again for all you have done for me. Personally, the experience in receiving this award has been more than uplifting, and I will never forget your kindness in sharing it with all involved in the funeral industry. It is so appreciated! You have done an amazing thing for me in going forward with my career.”

The Educational Trust is pleased to announce that Batesville Casket Company is the newest sponsor for the Second-Career Scholarship



Any individual currently enrolled full-time in a mortuary science program at an accredited school in North America who is not related to an owner of a funeral firm currently in operation is eligible to apply. Previous full-time working experience in an unrelated field is required, along with details on tuition owed and a demonstration of genuine financial need.

How to Apply

Applicants must submit a completed application on or before December 1 or May 30 each year.

Applicants may apply on-line, via email or by mailing an application. A two-page professional application essay along with the required documentation is required for all applications

Application Essay

The application essay and required documentation must address the following:

  1. School Details. Which accredited school are you attending and when is your anticipated graduation date? Attach an official Transcript or original signed letter from the Program Director or Registrar verifying your current full-time enrollment in the Mortuary Science program, your courses and your cumulative GPA.
  2. Tuition Costs. Please include proof of your total tuition costs, specific details on what you owe and your financial need for the scholarship. Are you receiving any other financial assistance? If so, please fully explain.
  3. Funeral Home Involvement. Are you currently employed or involved in any way with an independently owned funeral home? Please share with us the name of the firm, point of contact details including name, phone and email, the full extent of your involvement and whether you expect it to continue upon completing school.
  4. Previous Career. What specifically was your previous career and over what timeframe did you work in it? Tell us about your desire to work in independent funeral service as a new career choice. What led you to make this switch?
  5. Future Plans. What are your future aspirations within independent funeral service?
  6. Letters of Recommendation. Include at least two (2) letters of recommendation. One from a faculty member of the mortuary science program and the other from an owner of an independent funeral home or current or previous employer.

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Download the Application

Download the Second-Career Scholarship Application and send it, along with your documentation by email or U.S. Mail.

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Recent Scholarship Recipients

Helping people to see their loved ones once again, as they remembered them… is my primary purpose

Leanne Hall

Leanne Hall has just completed her first year at the Community College of Baltimore County in the Mortuary Science Program and expects to graduate in the Summer of 2018. Hall comes from a background in cosmetology and she believes her skills set will be beneficial to her second profession. “Helping people to see their loved… Read more “Helping people to see their loved ones once again, as they remembered them… is my primary purpose”

Leanne Hall

I have always found the funeral rite a beautiful and symbolic time.

Darlene Glidden

Darlene Glidden, enrolled at Mount Ida College in Newton, MA, will graduate in May 2018. Currently employed at Bosk Funeral Home in MA, Glidden hopes to continue her employment there once licensed and degreed. Glidden comes to the funeral profession with 5 years of experience as a firefighter and an emergency medical technician. Glidden explains… Read more “I have always found the funeral rite a beautiful and symbolic time.”

Darlene Glidden

It is important to me to work and be involved with independently-owned funeral homes.

Greg Burton

Greg Burton, a full-time student at Mid-American College of Funeral Service Science, expects to graduate in September 2017. Burton, like Glidden come from a background in emergency service. He served eight years as a paramedic. He is currently employed at Allen Funeral Home in Bloomington, IN. “I want to be a leader and the best… Read more “It is important to me to work and be involved with independently-owned funeral homes.”

Greg Burton