Truly Feel Called to… the Service of the Bereaved

Scott Bowler of Mesa, AZ was awarded the Selected Independent Funeral Homes’ Educational Trust’s Second-Career Scholarship on January 14, 2012. $1,500 was paid toward his studies in the Mortuary Science Program at Mesa Community College.

Bowler is a former woodworker and general contractor originally from St. George, Utah. After a twenty year career, he made the decision to close the family business in late 2010 when the construction industry floundered. It was while serving bereaved families as a church leader and, even more so while experiencing the death of his mother that Bowler realized his calling to the profession of funeral service.

“These experiences were enough to plant a seed in my psyche,” said Bowler. “Through all of them I truly feel called to the work – if I never made a dime as a funeral director, I believe I could still live a happy and fulfilling life in the service of the bereaved.” Bowler expects to complete his studies in May. Because he moved to the area for his studies, Bowler has been paying out-of-state tuition and has relied on grants and loans. He says that the scholarship will help greatly to fund the completion of his studies.

Bowler currently works part-time at Bunker Family Funeral Home in Mesa.