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Are you looking for a new job opportunity, possibly in a new community or alternative work environment? Do you want to keep your job search confidential? Then the Selected Educational Trust Career Center is for you! All job seekers in the funeral service profession are welcome to create a listing. Your general employment information will then be made available only to members of Selected Independent Funeral Homes. Complete the form below, and Selected Educational Trust staff will contact you when inquiries on made on your submitted material.

Please note: your applicant information will remain active and available for review for six months. After that time, you will need to reload your professional qualifications onto the Career Center to maintain an active listing.

Members of Selected Independent Funeral Homes may view the candidate listings at this private link.

Career Center Entry Form

Please use the form below to submit information for your listing in our Career Center database. This confidential entry form is available free of charge to all funeral service professionals who are seeking employment. Your personal information, such as name and email address, will not be listed and will remain private. Only the information describing your experience and the type of position you are seeking will be published and available for viewing by prospective employers. The Career Center database is for use exclusively by members of Selected Independent Funeral Homes as they search for job candidates.

The Process
  1. When you have entered all your information below, please click the Send button to begin the process. Your Career Center listing will be verified by the Trust staff and then prepared for posting in our database of candidates.
  2. Once your information is posted, interested prospective employers will contact the Selected Educational Trust using a special code assigned to your listing.
  3. Trust Staff will then contact you privately, alerting you to the opportunity available and providing the contact information of the prospective employer. It is then your responsibility to respond to the referral, begin correspondence, send a résumé, and make arrangements for an interview.
  4. If you have any questions about this free service, please contact Stefanie Favia at 888-708-7878, 847-236-0150, or

We wish you every success in your career!

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