To merely “serve” our clients today is simply not enough. Going the extra mile, providing exceptional customer service, adhering to the best practices of this profession are the goals of every independent funeral homeowner.

But it often is up to the funeral homeowner to further educate their interns and neophyte funeral directors with those enhanced level skills so necessary to providing exceptional customer service. Time and finances often constrain the employer from adequately providing these necessary customer service skills.

That is why the Selected Educational Trust developed the Institute for Exceptional Funeral Service. With a generous grant from the Baue Family Charitable Fund, this online, skills-enhancement program was designed specifically to bridge-the-educational-gap between Mortuary Science School and on-the-job training while still providing ample opportunities for even the most seasoned professional to “refresh” those best practices skills so necessary to providing exceptional customer service.

More courses coming soon include:

  • Financing Fundamentals: Business Growth and Acquisitions
  • Understanding Post-Cremation Metal Recycling
  • Mastering the Inquiry Phone Call
  • The Grieving Process
  • Understanding the New Funeral Customer
  • Preparing for a Job Interview

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contact Bea Pedersen.

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The Institute’s first series addresses Funeral Service Excellence featuring four segments that will be offered as individual courses. These topics include:

  • Making Best Impressions
  • Being a Successful Professional
  • Gaining Respect and Building Trust
  • Guiding Families Toward Meaning and Healing

Authored by industry leaders, each course in this series will be offered over a four-week period through a unique Learning Management System including video presentations, printed manuals, instructional film segments, professional testimonials, an interactive forum, and quiz evaluations section guiding the participant step-by-step through the course and eventually to state-required CEU credits. Completion of the course in this series will lead the participant to a Certificate of Completion in Funeral Service Best Practices.

Scholarships for this series have been provided by a generous grant from ASD (Answering Service for Directors).