The Educational Trust has Launched
a New Fundraising Initiative!

As a funeral home and crematory owner, you understand the recycling process better than anyone. The Selected Educational Trust, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, committed to the advancement and support of all who work within and for the independent funeral service profession, has embarked on a unique initiative sponsored exclusively by Cremation Recycling, to raise $1,000,000 for its workforce development and educational programs. With your help we can achieve this goal as you show you C.A.R.E. about the future of this profession.

The Impact…

• The Institute for Exceptional Funeral Service.
Suppport the Institute with funds to lower course costs, provide additional high-quality, skills-enhancement courses presented by prominent funeral service professionals, and expand our outreach to a broader audience. Dozens of funeral service professionals have already taken Institute courses to augment their professional skills.  “Not since the early days has there been this type of comprehensive course to help educate funeral service professionals.” —Lisa Baue,
Baue Family Charitable Trust, St. Charles, MO

• Second-Career Scholarship Program. Provide additional scholarships for students attending Mortuary Science School. The Trust receives dozens of applications each year from qualified students seeking financial assistance. “Thank you! I move another step closer to becoming a Funeral Director.”—Katherine Seiler, 2020 Spring Scholar, Pittsburgh, PA

• Career Center. Help recruit and match qualified, experienced staff with funeral home owners eager to grow
their staff team. The Trust made its first match with this new program in November 2020 connecting a Career Center candidate with a Selected Member Firm. “We highly recommend the Trust’s new Career Center!”—David A. Cox, President and Co-Owner, The Meeks Mortuary and Crematory, Muncie, IN

• Job Fairs Center. Provide more job opportunities for qualified competent candidates through expanded and enhanced networking sessions across the country. Currently 9% of all candidates who have attended a Trust Job Fair have been hired!

Show you C.A.R.E. about the future of the independent funeral service profession. Partner with Cremation Recycling today,
and turn your recycling revenue into $1 million in support for the future of the independent funeral service profession!

C.A.R.E. Example:

  • Annual recycling revenue: $25,000
  • 20% donation to the Selected Educational Trust
  • $5,000 annual tax-deductible donation
  • Leaving you $20,000 for support within your community!

How It Works…

• Cremate. Use the services of Cremation Recycling to manage your cremation recycling efforts.

• Allocate. Earmark 20% of your total recycling revenues to the Trust.

• Recycle. Turn your recycling revenues into a tax-deductible donation to the Trust.

• Educate. Watch as your donations support, educate, and enhance programs geared specifically to advance the independent funeral service profession.

What You

Can Do…

Contact Cremation Recycling today at 847-298-0010 for all your recycling needs. Inform them that you want to allocate 20% (or other amount) of your recycling revenues to support the Selected Educational Trust and show you C.A.R.E. about the future of the independent funeral service profession.

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