Our History

The Selected Independent Funeral Homes’ Educational Trust was officially established in September of 1982 as a charitable organization to develop and present educational programs on business management, counseling, personnel management, and other topics of interest to the membership of Selected Independent Funeral Homes.

For many years the Educational Trust operated quietly under the guidance of a small Board of Trustees funding various educational and public outreach activities of Selected Independent Funeral Homes. Members of the association provided memorial donations on behalf of loved ones and fellow members who have passed.

In 2009, a number of important and necessary changes took place within the structure of the Educational Trust. Among the more significant changes was the adoption of a broader purpose. While continuing to operate as a charitable organization as recognized by Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code, the Educational Trust’s activities now include “the development and administration of research initiatives, assistance grants, award programs and presentation of educational programs dealing with business management, counseling, personnel management, and other topics of importance and interest to the members of Selected and independently owned and operated funeral homes professionals.”

Other changes enacted in 2009 for the Educational Trust included increasing the size and scope of the Board of Trustees. There are now seven Trustees of the Educational Trust Board each serving a three-year term, with the Executive Director of Selected Independent Funeral Homes serving as the Administrative Trustee. The Board meets quarterly to conduct its business. In order to fulfill the expanded purpose and activities of the Trust, additional funds were necessary.

The Educational Trust continues to seek ways to evolve to best meet the needs of those in the independent funeral service profession.